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 Trixie Richter

Trixie Richter.Laughter Yoga

Trixie Richter is the Congregational Life Director at Redeemer Lutheran Church in Winter Park.  She wears many hats including being a Youth Minister, Synod Parish Deacon, Mission Interpreter and a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader.  Her favorite role is being a wife and mother to her husband and daughter.  She loves to laugh and has a great sense of humor and believes a day without laughter is a day wasted.

laughter-yogaIn today’s world, people want to be healthy, they want to be happy, but instead they are getting stressed out, depressed, getting less sleep, more negative thoughts and feeling isolated. Does that sound like you? Are you someone who wants to move on and bring more laughter and joy into your life? You are in the right place. You’re about to laugh like you have never laughed before! Join us for playful, imaginative exercises and laughter! It has been scientifically established that laughter has a profound impact on the body and mind. A daily dose of laughter is one solution which has the power to unwind stress and uplift joy; the power to slow down a racing heart and strengthen the mind; the power to raise the spirit and fend off pessimism. Let’s go! Learn more information on laughter yoga …

Mark Fitzsimmons

Mark Fitzsimmons. “Punchlines and Parables”

“God is a comedian playing to an audience that is too afraid to laugh.”Voltaire. This Bible study will aim to recover the lost humor of the scriptures to deepen our understanding of the good news therein. After all, an incarnate God is ticklish. As noted in the second Psalm, “The One who sits in the heavens laughs.”

Mark Fitzsimmons serves as Senior Pastor of the Lutheran Church of the Nativity in Arden, NC, where laughter is highly acceptable in worship. He believes shared joy can open the door to a deeper sharing of sorrows and wisdom. He is also a husband (Dana), father (Kyle & Evan), adjunct professor and workshop leader (and has found “good material” in all those life settings).

Jim Caulder

“Money Left on the Table is No Laughing Matter”

Jim says, “If you are interested in finding money, avoiding making costly mistakes, or simply learning some to the “less than usual” situations related to Social Security, I am confident you will find my presentation helpful.”

Jim is a graduate of Newberry College with a degree in Business Administration. He was employed with the Social Security Administration until August 1994 when he left to become a full time consultant. During the last 17 years with Social Security, he served as the resource person for pre-retirement education for both the public and private sectors. He has conducted workshops for many employers both large and small such as Mid-Carolina Electric and Gas, General Motors, Westinghouse, SCE &G, Square D, Southern Bell, AT&T and Eastman Kodak as well as state and local government agencies, religious organizations and colleges and universities. He has also been a resource for tax attorneys and CPAs.

While employed with Social Security, he received his agency’s highest award, the Commissioner’s Citation.

Jim has a private consulting business and continues to assist individuals, companies, agencies, colleges and universities with any aspect of Social Security. He has been on the faculty of numerous conferences and seminars and has written training materials for retirement workshops. He has appeared both on radio and television talk shows and is generally recognized as a technical expert on Social Security and Medicare entitlement programs. In fact, he has often been referred to as “Mister Social Security.”

Karen Stobbe

Karen Stobbe. “Sometimes Ya Gotta Laugh”

Karen was working as an actress, director, writer and instructor of theatre when her Dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Her life has taken on a new focus and new meaning in combining the knowledge of her two worlds into one life work.

Karen was funded to write and tour a show called ” Sometimes Ya Gotta Laugh,” which is about Alzheimer’s disease, caregiving, humor and stress. She performs the show with her husband and fellow actor Mondy Carter. It is educational as well as entertaining. She has written a book of the same name, which is available for purchase.