Housing Info

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Accommodations at Lutheridge vary, and housing will be assigned based on group size and availability.

Lodging Occupancy Description
Thornburg (TB) 2/per room Residence Hall style with private toilet/sink. Some showers are shared with neighboring room. Most rooms have one double and one single bed.
Kohnjoy (KJ) 2/per room Hotel style room with two double beds.
Bacot 16 House with 3 bedrooms upstairs & 6 bedrooms downstairs. Shared bathrooms.
Carla or H&H 5 each cottage 3-bedroom cottage. Two rooms with double bed. One room with 2 single beds.  Each bedroom has private bathroom. Small kitchen and sitting area.
Lakeside Cabins 4-6 each cabin 2-bedroom cabin. Each bedroom has one double and two single beds with private bathroom. Small kitchen and sitting area.



Carla or H&H

Lakeside Cabins