Banana, chocolate, salmon.

Foods to Make You Happier

Check out these foods that are proven to make you happier. But for long-term, whole-life happiness, attend the 50Forward Living Well Retreat “Laughing Matters.” Get a group of five — singles, couples, etc., and get a great discount. Details here on this website. Now … about those foods that make you happier >>

Communion setting.

Gain New Perspective on Life

I had just lost my husband a short time before and at the 50Forward retreat, I came to know better about how to go forward. I took a two-week trip by myself and with the speaker on wellness and exercise, I was inspired to take better care of myself. I knew I had to do this.

Ginny Hultquist.

Like a Breath of Fresh Air

The energy from the week-end was amazing. There were smiles all around as we went from one interesting activity or discussion to another. The setting is always like a breath of fresh air and the company couldn’t have been better. Meals were healthy and relaxed, and we often lingered over coffee to get to know