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Yoga and Tai Chi will be offered  several times throughout the retreat. A fitness center and lovely, onsite walking trails are also available.

Linda Schlensker. Anne Plyler. Tai Chi with Linda Schlensker and Anne Plyler

Practicing Tai Chi is a most effective exercise to improve health and well being.  You can start as a beginner and continue to progress to higher levels no matter your age or physical condition.  For safety purposes, wear comfortable closed-toe shoes with a good heel cup or heel strap to keep the foot securely in the shoe. Don’t attempt class barefooted or in stocking feet. The program can be done seated or standing. Join Linda Schlensker and Anne Plyer to learn this relaxing and healthy activity.

Yoga with Heather Patton, ERYT Heather Patton.

Heather Patton, ERYT, has been practicing yoga since 1999. Her completion of two certification programs, combined with training from yoga workshops, led her to her own style of teaching. She uses humor and encouragement to help her students find the joy and liberation of yoga. She brings a new perspective while teaching workshops and retreats to those new to yoga, as well as the seasoned practitioner.